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Here are a few of our videos below for you to enjoy. Take a look and let us know what you think. All the videos on this page are shot on iPhone 6s Plus with FilmicPro and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

I am really wanting to get a stablizer to enhance motion control in my shots. One I'm interested in is the DJI - Osmo Mobile, here, and the EVO SP-Pro Gen2, here, for iPhone and Android smart phones.  And here is a new stabilizer coming out 2nd quarter 2018: MOVI.  Looks like it will be a really cool iPhone motion control device.  More check it out here.

Filmic Pro has stabilization that seems to work pretty well for the most part. So I'll have to stick with that and a tripod for now.  Really interested in getting the new Sony A7Riii and a couple nice lenses.  

Sound tracks on these videos are played and produced by me, Delain Huggins.  I play an eastern cedar G# Native American Flute hand made by an Apache Indian in the area a number of years ago.  I also play piano and have a MiDi keyboard made by Novation.  It's the Novation Impulse 49.  I play it in conjunction with Ableton Live 9 MiDi software and produced the sound tracks for these videos.  I play the saxophone as well and the Irish Whistle some, and will incoroporate those in my sound tracks at some point in the near future.

I am interested in getting some flutes in other keys and also getting other key selections of the  Irish Whistle.  I'm also interested in the Chinese Xaio and Dizi.  They have a beautiful sound.  Oh and an Anasazi flute as well which has its roots in ancient Native American civilizations.

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